Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Cousin R's Wedding!

Yes, again I am several months behind, however here is the promised post about my cousin R and her wedding to her now-husband C!  Everyone had quite a lovely day/afternoon/evening!!

Engagement Images/Pre-wedding day --
Photo showing the ring
Gift from Maid of Honor to Bride for her wedding dress
(obviously given prior to the wedding day!!)
From R and C's engagement shoot

Wedding Ceremony (Sunday October 13th 2013) --
R walking down the aisle with her dad
while she (unsuccessfully) tried to not cry
Maid of Honor, R and C, Best Man
Full wedding party (just as the sun starts to set!)
Lovingly teasing one another during personal vows
"You may now kiss the bride"
Official first walk as husband and wife!
Between Wedding Ceremony and Wedding Reception --
R and C with R's immediate family (Left to Right: R's brother,
R's mom and dad, R and C, R's older brother and his wife)
Love this of the newlyweds...
Wedding Reception --
Entering the reception (Guest book, an engagement photo,
old table top piano from engagement shoot with box for
cards on top, watercolor of two sloths - R and C's animal)
Creative photo of R and C first dance!
(Tables were labeled by a wine bottle with the cork
slit to hold a single record. This table was Atlantic.)
Bride and Groom (R and C with their backs to the camera)
with their parents (C's parents on left; R's parents on right)
Wedding Cake! (Toppers are two sloths - "their animal")
Candy table (all guests could make a bag - or two! - while waiting for
the cake to be cut; assortment of sweets, sours, hard, soft candies)
After eating candy --
Let them eat cake!

Always lovely to gather together family for a positive celebration!
Congratulations again R and C! We love you both!

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  1. Hey!! So cute wedding. The couple is looking really lovely together. Enjoyed every picture. Last month attended my friend’s wedding at one of San Francisco wedding venues where had discovered one of best thing that was flowers décor as décor was really eye catching. Will definitely have similar décor for my wedding too.