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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Downton Abbey daze/craze

Hello!  Was intending to post about the Rose Parade (or perhaps finally post about my cousin R's wedding - lots of photos!), however, I am in the midst of a Downton Abbey marathon.  Marathon of dvds as well as reading (re-reading) also being sure to AVOID THE INTERNET because Season Four starts on Sunday night and I really want to have ZERO spoilers -- looks like an achievable goal for the premier but I don't know if it will last all season...
As mentioned one of my favorite Christmas gifts was a 2014 daily desktop calendar about Downton Abbey (sometimes photos of the show, or quotes, or behind-the-scenes information/period information)... Received a NYE gift of a book based on the historical figure of Cora Cash -- who in real life became a duchess yet in Downton Abbey is the mother/wife/female head of household/Lady Cora/Countess Cora...
Anyway, am halfway finished with the book at 3am on January 2nd and it is a novel/historical fiction -- enjoying it so much so that I have paused in between episodes of Downton Abbey (all of season one complete; over six episodes of season two complete as of this moment) to begin/continue reading the book.
The American Heiress (in real life, Cora Cash -- taken from real life,
placed into Downton Abbey as the Countess Lady Cora)
Unknown to me, the bookstore (chain store, barns. and.noble) which was only a short drive away was set to close for good on NYE. Luckily I found heard in time and instead of fighting holiday traffic decided to hop online and use my Christmas giftcard on the website instead -- Season Three has been shipped and will hopefully appear SOON -- but if it does not appear by Saturday evening I think I shall record the season four premiere instead of watching it live as currently planned

Tracking currently shows that Downton Abbey s.3 should arrive in time to be re-watched however, so I will have well over twenty hours re-watched between all three seasons!  For those who are not avid watchers, you should know that season one came out in the US in 2011, so it is not unreasonable at all for me to want/have a marathon prior to the fourth season arriving : )

Oh!  I also have a great book that I found just before my 30th birthday called "While. We. Were. Watching. Downton Abbey " -- the three female characters all have their own storylines/are in different modern-day "classes" of society but all recently moved into a new building where once a week the concierge decides to have a Downton Abbey showing (the book follows season one on dvd, then "live" season two weekly episodes)... Wonder if I have a photo of the book --
"While We Were Watching Downton Abbey" I absolutely recommend to anyone -- particularly any females who are interested in reading a book about contemporary women with various life problems who will easily relate to the three female characters whose current life stories happen to make them an unlikely trio of great friends -- due to watching a television series together! Life with heartbreak and love, family and loss, and of course, Downton Abbey thrown in.  One of my favorite new books in the past five years (as a bookworm that is saying alot!!)

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