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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Candlelight Christmas (book)

Candlelight Christmas by Susan Wiggs
Christmas 2013 has come and gone - and I have forgotten to share a new holiday book I found!  "Candlelight Christmas" (by Susan Wiggs) is a book I found perhaps around Thanksgiving (of this past year). It is a "fluff" book, but I found it/find it a light, cozy, Christmas read. Basic plot is focused on a divorced dad who usually gets to see his only son every summer and (focus of this book) at Christmas.  The dad's family and his work have a place in this novel, as does just a touch of summer camp, a dash of Thanksgiving -- and the focus, CHRISTMAS!

I tagged "Tie Blanket" in the various labels for this post because I do not think I have ever shared this particular blanket here (before now).  I was taught a while back how to make tie blankets, and at first I was not really thrilled with this particular pattern of circles -- over a year later it has become one of my absolute favorite blankets!  I find myself throwing it over my shoulders instead of a sweater, or throwing it on my lap while watching tv, or curling up under it while reading into the wee small hours of the morning : )  I have actually used this pattern twice now, once paired with a solid darker green background (which is the one I still own) and the other with a darker grey (which became a gift a while back).

Considering making baby tie blankets and selling them (instead of giving baby-sized or tv-sized blankets) as gifts.  Most family and friends (and more!) have tie blankets made by either myself or another family member, and while everyone loves them (seriously, no complaints in nearly a decade -- and I see them used often in others houses, they are not closed away) -- it is an idea.  Not really sure if (or even how!) I would be able to make a large enough selection, where to find people to buy them, etc etc... yet perhaps it is something I shall try this new year. Love to all!

P.S. Downton Abbey Season Four premiers in the US TONIGHT from 9pm to 11pm!! Thank you PBS and everyone who supports public broadcasting stations -- therefore making lovely period shows like Downton Abbey possible

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