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Friday, January 3, 2014

Colposcopy Results (good!)

I realized I did not say anything about my colposcopy results!  So sorry for those who were waiting -- I finally got a call late Dec. 30th (I think they waited until the last second of my "a few days to two weeks maximum")... Anyway, I have as good news as possible (yay, something else positive in my life!!)

So this year I had a colposcopy done on Dec. 17th.  Still have a virus (same as last year), still have irritation (same as last year), still need to come back in 11 to 12 months (same as last year) -- HOWEVER!  Same as last year -- no progression!!!

This means I continue to sit and wait and eventually it will either go away or will develop into pre-cancerous growth.  Unless it goes away for three solid years (three clean/normal PAPs), I just get to wait around and do a yearly pap that gets abnormal results which gets me another colposcopy appt which gets more samples taken and the cycle goes on and on and on and on....

Not sure if I am making any sense -- bottom line is I do not have to have any removal procedures, nor have I been given any new diagnoses.  VERY GOOD NEWS.  On the other hand, I have to sit and wait for every November to roll around and likely every December I'll have another colposcopy.

Thankfully, all the prayers/good vibes/etc worked (THANK YOU) and I have no progression (nothing is worse).  So a positive start to a new year!

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