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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

I turned 30!

Well, not recently ^.^  I turned thirty back in March of this year -- but according to this blog that was only a couple of posts ago so I am not far behind at all!  (Yes, I know that in real life I am behind  Okay, a little over eight months.  Very behind.  Oh well!)  So this is one of two "formal" photos I had taken for my 30th birthday.  I was incredibly blessed by a huge gift from my parents - a short cruise to Mexico! I received a few cards, bought a couple of books, and spent the day in pj's -- except I did go out to dinner and picked two slices of cake for my birthday treat.  I know, I know, such a party animal!  : )  I had the most wonderful relaxing time however, and felt very lucky on my birthday/during my celebrations! I did post it on here, but it was almost an afterthought -- my godson's feast day is my birthday which is great!

There are a couple of photos I found that I wanted to include in my last post which I found and am going to add now because I can -- my best friend lived only a few miles from our house growing up; after she double majored in French and English she traveled to France (with her Bachelor's Degree's under her belt she went to study and to celebrate)...and ended up finding her boyfriend/fiance/husband/father of her children!  Luckily for all of us still in CA, they had a wedding ceremony here in addition to the one in France.  And as I have mentioned time and time again, when they had their rainbow twins (a girl and a boy) - they chose me to be godmother to the little boy! Photos are from this past summer...

"Reading" me his picture book

My godson and his twin sister pushing/playing with swings

My godson climbing the mini rock wall so he could go down the big boy slide

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