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Monday, November 25, 2013

Annual summer visit from "my France family"

Continuing on my catching up, I have to do talk about how thrilled I was to get another few weeks in with my godson, his twin sister, and their parents!! Actually, they had a surprise for us...
Mom was pregnant again! (just one this time - girl!)

So we had a family of FIVE visit this past summer!  I have no clue how the days flew by so fast (okay, I know but I somehow cannot find photos from their visit... somewhere I have at least a couple of my godson climbing up the side of the play structure that was built in the backyard while they were gone, but that will have to wait)... It was absolutely lovely having them visit, and meeting their baby girl.  The twins were so cute too, learning how to touch baby "gentle, soft ... careful!" and being told "shh! baby sleeping!" if we walked by her too loudly for their liking.

Mom S. with new baby girl;
Me holding my godson
 This is the only photo of their visit I can find at the moment, it is from their last night in town before heading to LAX in the wee small hours of the morning.  It took two cars to fit everyone, their checked luggage, and their carry-on items -- I am thankful that I was not one of two parents with three infants/toddlers, although I wanted to travel for a visit so badly!  Plus I am sure an extra set of hands the entire trip back would have been welcome!  Perhaps next summer... Until then all of us in CA will love and miss them -- oh, and the twins start school this year!  (In France you start younger than in the USA).

Safely back in France!
(Mom, twins, and baby girl; photo by Dad!)


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    1. Thanks! I really love that I am a godmother -- if you go back about three posts you can see my "growth"/"remember" photos of my godson and I from the family past summer visits : ) Difficult for me to believe they are already three and a half years old! Plus I just became an aunt (my only sibling had her first boy) on Sept 27th!!! Baby K will turn two months old on Wednesday already!

      Love, love, LOVE kids (always have) and hopefully I will be able to one day accept that God has a plan which will have me happy although I do not have (and huge percentage that I never can have) children of my own. I am blessed to have family and friends (and strangers who want an excellent caregiver) who all "lend" me their infants/toddlers. No children of my own in the cards -- but there is a reason for everything.

      Speaking of reasons, I have been following your story for quite a while now and every time I see how much Cheeks has grown I smile -- you are such a great mom!! I was going to send you something from your list but when I finally got free time the link was gone. However neither of you seem to be lacking so I keep you on my prayer list which I always hopes counts.

      Sorry for going on and on -- as my blog title warns, I ramble!