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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Baby K is TWO MONTHS OLD today!

Can you tell that I am just a *bit* excited about the facts that a) I have a nephew and b) today is exactly eight weeks from the day my family was with my sister in Labor and Delivery??  Baby K had a one month photo shoot... plus MANY casual photos these first few weeks of life! I shall simply say how much I love all of my family and particularly how proud I am of Baby K's parents for being wonderful (and his godparents - but his Baptism post shall come later.  Maybe tomorrow?)  Time to share photos!!
Baby K (one hour after birth)
Baby K "playing" with me at 15 days old
Baby K One Month Photo Shoot (inside treasure box)
Baby K One Month Photo Shoot (close up)
Baby K One Month Photo Shoot (on a cloud of blue tulle)
Look at this handsome "Tough Guy!"
Baby K is going to be a bookworm! : )

Can you tell we love the most recent addition to our family? Random fun fact: on one side of our family tree he is the third great-grandchild ... and all three are boys! Wonder what else the future has in store!

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