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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Stars in the Heavens

Pretty paper stars!!! Made and mailed to me in time for Christmas by a long time friend (two decades now???) Keep forgetting to post photos of the three stars so here you go!
 Above on the left is one made of light blue paper;
Above on the right is one made of dark blue paper

I think this one might be my favorite because every other point is made of a different shade of blue which is neat!  I cannot make these, but they are lovely

EDIT 12:12am on January 31st JANUARY 30th post!  Eeep!  Technically I am off of posting something every single day now.  *disappointed* Blargh.  Oh well. I still made the post -- does that count? Started doing something here daily the last months of 2012 and intend to continue... I have decided this post counts.  Either that or I shall randomly post now.

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