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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Downton Abbey tomorrow!

Have I mentioned that I LOVE PBS's "Downton Abbey" enough times in the past few weeks? Also yes, I know I posted this exact photo about a week ago, but the shows go so quickly!  Am very glad I decided to wait and buy seasons one and two on DVD (although I really wanted to watch them before!) since this month season three is brand new AND -- for those who have not yet found this wonderful and historically correct fictional show -- they have gotten the green light to film season four!  Unfortunately the show cannot go on forever, it initially really was just to be right at the 1910-1920 mark and too many seasons will bring the show into modern times (which is not what they intend to do)... I shall still enjoy every minute produced and hope that many of you are/will be doing the same thing!

So the image above contains the two grandmothers (not a surprise to realize that in the 1920's the grandmother on the left is from America, seeing as her outfit reflects a much more "loose" society than the very strict class structure we have been watching in previous seasons!) On the left is the lady of the houses' mother, played by Shirley MacLaine.  On the right is the lord of the houses' mother, played by Dame Maggie Smith.  Both are two of a large cast of wonderful actors and actresses!!

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