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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Flowers in her hair

This image was on a friends F.B. page a few days back and I saved it for two reasons.  One, I love the silhouette including the flowers in the hair!  Secondly, the quote is something I need to remind myself of on days that are not so good.  "My worth and value is in who I am, not what I do."  (Have been having difficulty with working in recent months and I have been quite hard on myself considering the main reason is my health, particularly health issues that I cannot control any more than I already am.  I really need to remain pleased that I have not had to return to a hospital, that I am attending appointments, and currently able to do things like go run errands or take a short walk or go hang out with a friend. It is wonderful but frustrating that so many people I know are on different, seemingly "better" roads than I am. While I am so very pleased for them, I cannot help thinking that in comparison, I fail. Daily.) So -- a different mindset, a more positive mindset, is needed on almost a daily basis.  I try and thankfully many days I do succeed.  However there are still many days that my mind is not able to be convinced and I am working on a daily battle with myself that I do not always win. I do make sure to put something on this space which in and of itself is starting to concern me because I do not know who reads it, nor who might in the future.  Feeling a bit alone and lonely.  Later tonight there is a brand new episode of "Downton Abbey" to transport me back in time for an hour and I shall have tea, curl up with a blanket, and enjoy it fully!

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