Thursday, January 24, 2013

Dishes and rain

"enjoy life"

It was a lovely surprise, getting rain last night, which continued throughout the night and for most of today! Did feel extra lazy (is that possible?) so I did not end up doing any laundry.  I did however finish two out of what was three loads of dirty dishes which is good :) Enjoying life curled up with a tie blanket, plenty of water, and no specific plan for the day. Very lucky... yet part of me still wants to get up and go back to washing the last of the dishes (not such a good idea because the edges of my hands are still "pruney" from hand washing a large portion of cookware/dishes/utensils -- three large glass dishes, some tupperware, and two wine glasses are all that is left so I shall "let" someone else do those last few items).  Suppose I did wash more than two-thirds of the dirty stuff and that is good enough for today.  Hope that everyone is doing/will do something today that helps to enjoy life 

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