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Monday, January 24, 2011

My favorite painting

Several years ago I went to the "new" J. Paul Getty Museum here in California.  It was my first time at this museum and it had recently re-opened (hence me referring to it as "new").  I went with family, friends, and quite unfortunately a fever somewhere around 104 degrees.  Yes, I know I should not have gone while sick, but I did not want to miss the opportunity.  Having such a high temperature combined with other not-good feelings has left me with a very, very hazy memory of that day.  I remember walking quite a bit, liking the shapes of the buildings along with some of the artwork, and really enjoying the garden and water features on the property.

At some point we must have viewed Winslow Homer's oil painting titled "Sunlight and Shadow" because I know I had never seen it before.  I apparently expressed an interest in it (though I have no memory of this!) and secretly my parents purchased a poster copy of the painting which was given to me when I moved into my first college dorm room [several hours away from home].  I LOVE this painting.  It reminds me of so many things - nature, relaxing, enjoying reading... The dress the lady has on is even a blue tone (and I love the color blue).

I could go on and on about this painting, but hopefully I shall successfully attach an image of it below so you can look at it, enjoy it, and learn a bit about me because I would love to be this lady and I often try to do what she does.  I had a hammock for a while, but I love to lay back and look up at the leaves, at the sky... I love to read, and this image always reminds me of my family who are very important to me as well.

Anyway, enough ramblings for the moment, hopefully this image will make you smile, (or at least help you remember something that makes you relax).  Have a wonderful week filled with sunshine!

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