Thursday, January 27, 2011

Family and more books

Starting off with an update to my list of books I have read in 2011 - four more to add to the list.  Two follow the train of historical fiction set in England and the other two veer from that path into my "random assorted books" section.  The first two: Mademoiselle Boleyn" by Robin Maxwell and "The King's Confidante" by Jean Plaidy; the second two: "Waiter Rant" by Steve Dublanica and "Mr. Darcy's Little Sister" by C. Allyn Pierson.  Not sure at the moment if I shall be continuing with historical fiction (I only have one or two more books before I move into Edward, Mary, and Elizabeth - which would be a large step forward from the "older" England)... I might stick to my "random assorted books" though.

Alright, getting back to the point for this particular blog, family.  Specifically I have been in the mood to write about all of the lovely babies that have become a part of our lives over the past two years!  There must have been something in the water because when I try to compute the amount of babies that have arrived in relationships that previously had zero children - let me try and start with the youngest and work my way up (apologies in advance for being off by a few weeks for some of these, they all seemed to appear at the same time!)...

four (and a half)-month-old girl
six-month-old girl
nine-month-old twins (a boy and a girl)
ten-month-old boy
13-month-old girl (Have not met her, and rarely hear about her, so am VERY fuzzy about her age; I know she is between 11 and 15 months old)
16-month-old boy
17-month-old twins (a boy and a girl)
19-month-old girl

...Then the jump to a seven-year-old cousin, then another jump up to a 15-year-old cousin, followed by a third jump up to a 20-year-old cousin.  So in the past 20 years there had been very few babies around, then in the last year and a half basically there are babies popping up like beautiful angelic flowers in our lives!  I love little kids; spent the past two summers co-running a preschool summer camp and the past two semesters helping in an infant/toddler classroom then a toddler classroom.  (I received my B.A. with honors in 2006, but since then have slowly been working on a child development certification/degree at a local community college while working).

Ramblings.  Yes, I do ramble quite often!!  Okay, so although there have been many new babies, I have been invited to spend time with the four and a half-month-old the most (every Wednesday since she was born, except for maybe four days scattered in here and there); quite a bit of time with the nine-month-old twins and the 19-month old girl; also have been invited to spend time with the six-month-old girl (unfortunately I have been an ungrateful cousin and spent time with her only at family gatherings so far)... Oh, and I have spend some time around the 10-month-old boy as well.  Wow, that took much longer than I realized to figure out ages and type this all out!  I wonder if it will make sense when read...perhaps not.  Hmmm....

I also wanted to mention that across the street there is a young couple expecting their first child in about five weeks, and they want me to come by and help a few days a week, so I am looking forward to having that opportunity as well : )  Yesterday I spent several hours with my four and a half-month-old cousin, and although I love her to pieces, she makes me want to spend time with more babies!! 

Anyone have a 0-5 year old child, live in Southern California, and have an interest in inviting an experienced babysitter/mothers helper/CPR and First Aid certified individual over to visit?  I love working/playing with little kids, and as everyone with children (or who work with young children) knows, spending time with children is pretty much the next best thing to "laughter is the best medicine" in life : )  ...More randomness from me, but I have been thinking about taking an au pair/live-in nanny position, perhaps a travel one - last month marked ten years for me being an employee for Recreation and Parks, much of that time spent in the camping division/child care... I have my passport and am a bit tired of feeling like I am always in the same place [not true, but it feels that way sometimes unfortunately]...

I don't know.  Am feeling a bit off recently.  More reading and more time with children!  I hope everyone is doing well, especially those who have asked for prayers (or who I know need them and I am praying for anyway - too many family/extended family/friends have become quite ill the past two months, many requiring surgery, including the 10-month-old boy)... Prayers and positive vibes and hope being sent to all who need it  ::HUGS::

*Edit - I feel this post is quite rambling but I am not in the proper mindset to re-write it and make it more clear at the moment.  Perhaps later?

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