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Friday, March 25, 2011

Rambling more than usual...

Well I was going to post a blog on Sunday March 20th with photos of Saturday March 19th because there were several significant events... Some memories that made me quite happy, and a couple that have brought me to tears.  Life goes on though... Events from a week ago, a month ago, over a decade ago - there is logic but no reason and reason but no logic.  Okay, trying to pull in my rambling and make a bit more sense...

March 19th is always a day filled with memories, and the most cheerful I shall share - this year was my cousins' 30th birthday (which he celebrated by throwing a black-tie outdoor gathering - one of the three events I attended that day); March 19th was also my 28th birthday - thank you to those of you who noticed and commented on my facebook page.  Although honestly I have forgotten about my birthday different years, had simply been too busy with life!  Luckily someone (usually family) always reminded me... This year I somehow managed to miss eating any cake/pie/ice cream/etc though!  Another of the three events that evening was my neighbor's 40th birthday, and she had a dinner/alcohol spread which I did not partake in for various reasons.  So dessert is on my agenda sometime in the near future.

I was disappointed to not see the once-every-18-years moon on my birthday!  Last Saturday nature was to have shown a beautiful rare opportunity in the form of an unusual moon -- but the clouds were too close and full of rain here to see it.  Oh well.  I am lucky that the rain (which I do love) did not hinder two outdoor events that evening - and I did get a glimpse of the moon the evening before so I guess that works...

Several television shows have been watched by me recently, partially because I am avoiding doing things/talking with people (even though I want to communicate more sometimes it brings me more frustration/pain because I allow my mind to consider unrealistic possibilities)... Anyway, Monday night there was a show that held song lyrics I found interesting, so I shall post them here:

"Time to dream that love will last
Time to drive my car too fast
Time to walk before I run
Time to be, oh time to be your 21"

Those four lines seemed to be the chorus, and I did find a youtube video of the song... The lyrics reminded me not only of different times in my life, but of different people in my life, and of various stages in life yet to be lived.  Yes, more rambling.  I realize that this blog really does not have a specific purpose, and so I might end up making it private sometime in the near future.  I just wanted somewhere to write anything and everything that came to mind.  I do love that I have connected with various people via this blog, but part of me thinks I was just looking for a new outlet to express myself without being judged.

There are currently too many other thoughts for me to express in any way, let alone by somewhat incoherent ramblings that possibly should follow other blogs in the fact that other blogs tend to have a specific purpose/direction to them.  I am here, there, and everywhere!  I do hope that everyone finds something to be happy about this week, and I hope personally that I am able to find enough energy and sleep in the coming weeks.  ::HUGS:: to everyone!

Am including the video I found, though I don't agree with the entire song I am still repeating the chorus so it may as well be included as part of my past few days!

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