Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Yes, it's April...

Hello all - I know it's April and I haven't written, but I've been busy having fun taking full-time care of my youngest cousin who is now seven months old!  I wanted to attach a photo or two of our adventures together but can't find the darn cord that goes with the camera.  Oh well, another day perhaps...

Not much time to ramble tonight, it's just about my "new bedtime" - but I did want to mention that I am doing a pretty great job keeping up with drinking more water, eating almost all healthy foods daily, and getting more exercise than I anticipated.  It's not much in comparison with most people, but since I had been doing almost zero exercise the first two months of this year I now walk up and down flights of stairs daily, walk around the neighborhood pushing the stroller up and down the hilly streets where my cousin lives, in addition to walking several hundred times around the house and yard - my cousin LOVES to be carried around and so my arms are now used to the 15 (16?) pounds being shifted from one side to the other :)  She is so adorable, I only feel badly that I have yet to spend any significant time with the brand new (well, not brand new anymore!!) baby girl across the street!

Oh, the photo for today was one that another aunt of mine emailed from my cousin's 30th birthday (formal black and white) - which, as I have mentioned before, was my 28th birthday.  I got to see family along with a necklace from my parents and I got myself a few books/dvds which I read/watched very quickly.  Hope everyone is doing well and enjoying life - babies are so much fun!!

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