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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Saint Patrick's Day, Paolini, and more...

Shall start off with my frustration at my internet - I had several different blogs to write this past week but the internet kept going out!  Oh well.  Shall try and summarize the highlights of my week here...

Since Sunday I spent my free time re-reading "Eragon" "Eldest" and "Brisinger" - staying up quite late most nights but enjoying immersing myself in the fictional world created by Christopher Paolini.  He has one final book coming out (hopefully quite soon!) then the story will be completed - I finished the last one around 1am this morning : )

Finished two projects and took a couple of quizzes this week; have washed several sinks of dishes but aside from that (oh, and laundry), I have not really done well with working on chores; overall I have been eating healthy food still - although last night I was surprised with a stuffed crust pizza with black olives which was nice for the first Friday in Lent!

This week I finally got to spend some time with my neighbors new baby girl - she is sooo cute!  Wednesday I did not get to see my cousins as usual, but Thursday I picked up my seven-year-old cousin from school and spent some time with him (didn't get to see my six-month-old cousin, she was asleep in the car when my aunt arrived)...

St. Patrick's Day is always celebrated in my family, and this year my mom cooked dinner, the wonderful traditional corned beef, cabbage, and potatoes that I always enjoy! I did stick with mostly cabbage and meat, but I did have some of the tiny potatoes and cut them up into pieces to spread them out a bit.  In general I am doing pretty well keeping up high levels of fruits, veggies, and proteins.  Most of my carbs come from high fiber whole wheat bread (as sandwiches, toast, etc) included daily.

I also received a lovely bag in the mail with extra "goodies" created by Alyssa which was fun - I bought the bag which is very comfy and holds most of whatever I am carrying around during the day (book to read, water, small purse, etc) but the extra "goodies" were a nice surprise : )

Today is (technically "was" not "is" since they are in France) my godsons' first feast day!  This week I received a couple of videos of him and his twin sister and they are growing so fast!!  I can't wait to see them when they come to CA to visit this summer.  I also got an email from France today which was great but made me miss everyone more if that's possible!

This evening I have three things to attend to, and there is a guarantee that I will see babies at two of them so that will be fun!  Hope everyone had a good week, I need to get moving if I am to walk out the door in half an hour!  Glad the internet held out long enough for me to finally write a blog entry... Considered calling various friends this week, part of me is feeling a bit lonely, but I know everyone has their own lives which can get busy at times.  Perhaps this next week I shall try to get in touch with some of you...

Rain is in the forecast for the next couple of days, hope everyone gets a chance to enjoy nature and friends this week!!

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