Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Hello World...

Possibly a bit difficult to believe, but I forgot that I had started a blog for a couple months!  Then I suppose I let life get in the way.  We are now half-way through another year however, so it is time I posted something!

Where to begin... I am still a bookworm, although I have started watching more tv than I used to.  I have hit some great milestones in terms of my health -- over seven months passed before a minor setback these past two weeks! I have both succeeded and failed when it came to my goal of re-connecting with people.  Some new friends, some re-connecting, yet some lack of connection.  I have also had varying degrees of success when it came to getting out more/taking longer walks/etc.

Special news!  Last fall I went to Europe (specifically to France) to visit my godson and his family!  I had a wonderful time and I am still so very thankful for the unexpected opportunity!

Did intend for this "first blog back" to be much longer, however I am having issues with sleep so this shall have to be the end for the moment... Shall leave two photos however, both of tie-blankets I hand made for people I care about.  Hope to write again soon -- and thank you to all of you who have been sending blog entries out into the world this past year -- when time permits I read them and enjoy learning more about the people who are in this world with me!

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