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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Summer Olympics 2012

Growing up I do not recall watching too many television shows -- primarily because I was too busy reading, babysitting for fun (okay, I did charge a little bit but it was still for the fun of playing with kids!), time with my family, and/or time in nature.  The few television shows/movies I do remember were PBS (Mr. Rogers!) and lots of Disney. However, every four years there were the summer Olympics and the winter Olympics (so technically every two years there was a two-three week period of time I watched more television than usual).  Moving on with my ramblings, I wanted to make sure to comment this time around mostly just because I wanted to share a bit more about myself with whomever is reading the post.  Also I pulled two images from Google since the final torch in London created quite a stir this time around.  Unfortunately most of the comments have been negative because it is (apparently?  I do not know from experience) the first time the Olympic Cauldron has not been available for photo opportunities since it is "hidden" from view for everyone actually at the games... Unless you were at the opening ceremony, hold tickets to the track and field events, or will attend the closing ceremonies.  Nevertheless I rambled on about this because I enjoyed, at the very least, how each individual country entered the opening ceremony this year with part of the cauldron along side them. 

Descriptions: The top photo (blue/purple/flames) is of each of the "petals" as they started to rise to form the cauldron; the lower photo (mostly gold/yellow) is of the completed cauldron and the start of the fireworks show that concluded the opening ceremony.

P.S. Oh! I nearly forgot to add that I was able to spend time with "my" France family -- my godson is here in CA and last night I was able to spend a few hours with all of them which was great!! :)

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