Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Summer Olympics 2012

Growing up I do not recall watching too many television shows -- primarily because I was too busy reading, babysitting for fun (okay, I did charge a little bit but it was still for the fun of playing with kids!), time with my family, and/or time in nature.  The few television shows/movies I do remember were PBS (Mr. Rogers!) and lots of Disney. However, every four years there were the summer Olympics and the winter Olympics (so technically every two years there was a two-three week period of time I watched more television than usual).  Moving on with my ramblings, I wanted to make sure to comment this time around mostly just because I wanted to share a bit more about myself with whomever is reading the post.  Also I pulled two images from Google since the final torch in London created quite a stir this time around.  Unfortunately most of the comments have been negative because it is (apparently?  I do not know from experience) the first time the Olympic Cauldron has not been available for photo opportunities since it is "hidden" from view for everyone actually at the games... Unless you were at the opening ceremony, hold tickets to the track and field events, or will attend the closing ceremonies.  Nevertheless I rambled on about this because I enjoyed, at the very least, how each individual country entered the opening ceremony this year with part of the cauldron along side them. 

Descriptions: The top photo (blue/purple/flames) is of each of the "petals" as they started to rise to form the cauldron; the lower photo (mostly gold/yellow) is of the completed cauldron and the start of the fireworks show that concluded the opening ceremony.

P.S. Oh! I nearly forgot to add that I was able to spend time with "my" France family -- my godson is here in CA and last night I was able to spend a few hours with all of them which was great!! :)

Monday, July 30, 2012

July is almost over!

I really do not know where the time goes... There are so many things to catch up on yet when I go to sit down and type I either find the memories slipping away or reach for them and they have disappeared already!

Let me go back to last summer because I want to include at least two photos here.  The first one is from the pond in the backyard (this year there are so many more water lilies -- but I do not know where I placed the camera so a photo from last year will have to do).  The second photo was taken by a friend during an afternoon trip up to Mono Lake -- last summer I worked for two months up in Mammoth Lakes, CA (helped out at a camp).  Nature is so great, and hopefully these two photos give a glimpse into that beauty:

I might have mentioned there was a wedding on each side of my family this past April (2012)... Perhaps not.  Well I did want to add a photo from each -- the first photo is of my table setting and the second is of the desert table.  Weddings in particular I find to be a great opportunity to catch up with family and friends (as well as a place to make new friends) however I decided to not include any photos of individuals other than myself, simply the quickest of glimpses into both after parties

I have not added too much in the way of information, so I want to be sure to add that overall my health has been doing fine (although I have to work on walking again) and to add the news that my godson and twin sister looked so cute that I have to include one photo of them from this past winter -- and the wonderful news that they are in CA instead of France for the moment!  (Huge reason why trying to write here has not been anywhere near the top of my to do list -- that plus the past two months I have been working at a rec center fairly close to where I live).  Photo sent to me when they were in France, one of the rare "good weather" days towards the end of winter -- hope everyone smiles today!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Hello World...

Possibly a bit difficult to believe, but I forgot that I had started a blog for a couple months!  Then I suppose I let life get in the way.  We are now half-way through another year however, so it is time I posted something!

Where to begin... I am still a bookworm, although I have started watching more tv than I used to.  I have hit some great milestones in terms of my health -- over seven months passed before a minor setback these past two weeks! I have both succeeded and failed when it came to my goal of re-connecting with people.  Some new friends, some re-connecting, yet some lack of connection.  I have also had varying degrees of success when it came to getting out more/taking longer walks/etc.

Special news!  Last fall I went to Europe (specifically to France) to visit my godson and his family!  I had a wonderful time and I am still so very thankful for the unexpected opportunity!

Did intend for this "first blog back" to be much longer, however I am having issues with sleep so this shall have to be the end for the moment... Shall leave two photos however, both of tie-blankets I hand made for people I care about.  Hope to write again soon -- and thank you to all of you who have been sending blog entries out into the world this past year -- when time permits I read them and enjoy learning more about the people who are in this world with me!