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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Miscarriage Today (of another friend of mine)


A friend since high school was one of many friends currently expecting. The image above (College Sweethearts/First Date; Bride and Groom/Wedding Date; Mom and Dad/Due Date) was their adorable Face.Book announcement.  Today however, instead of the anticipated due date of 6/9/13... the baby girl had no heartbeat and so she announced on F.B. that their miscarriage occurred today -- 2/9/13. Sending prayers, love and strength to her, her husband, and their family... Of course also to everyone who has been unfortunate enough to be in their position as well, I always have you guys in mind.

Every time I feel another piece of my heart break, for I know there is nothing I can truly do but be there and help any way all of you will let me.  They are simply asking for prayers/positive wishes to help them get through this period of time.

Cruelly ironic, the date -- instead of a live baby on 6/9 today (2/9) their baby girl is gone and now there is another angel watching over all of us...


  1. This makes my heart ache. I could not imagine loosing a child- My thoughts, prayers, and love are pouring their way. We will keep them in our hearts.

    1. Thank you Tausha for your support -- miscarriage is never easy to handle and it does have an unfortunate ripple effect. However there are also many wonderful babies/children who are here that help to make positive ripples...

      Speaking of positive ripples, I have not been commenting (sorry!) but I love all of the Presley updates! I think my two favorite things so far are that quilt she was laying on during her week three update photo and the cupcake outfit from her week four update photo.

      So wonderful to see happy babies! How time flies -- I remember wondering what name Squishy would end up with during the Ornament Exchange -- and here we are almost halfway through February already!

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